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The best way to know the customer is by being the customer.

We run a painting business to test our hardware, software, and operational support products. 


The brand looks much like any other from the perspective of homeowners. We don’t expect them to want their houses painted by an experimental tech company. 


Instead, the only difference homeowners notice is our superior quality, unmatched hassle-free process, and our low prices.

Danny Rios | Project Manager


I've spent the last ten years working on several home service teams. None of them were like Pavo. Here, we're always trying to find new ways to improve our operations and better serve customers.

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Joe Smith | Assistant Project Manager


I started at Pavo as a painter but was able to quickly begin managing others as the company grew and hired more people. We all take our work very seriously and understand that when the company does better, we all benefit.

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